Height: 5'4" . Weight: 235lbs . Eyes: Hazel . Voice: Tenor


Blind Trust (pilot)                                     Series Regular      Crossbones Entertainment 

Hack My Life                                               Co-Star                                                                    truTV 

Pulp Comics                                                 Series Regular                            Comedy Central   

What If I’m Home Alone? (pilot)      Series Regular      PBS & CT Public Television 


Cut! Don’t Cut!                                          Lead                                Dir. Colleen Davie Janes 

Panic at the Pole                                        Lead                                Dir. Colleen Davie Janes 

the bef                                                             Supporting                                 Dir. Eric Burleson

January                                                           Supporting                       Dir. Blake Drummond 

ReCanned                                                     Supporting                                   Dir. Amy Sponza 


Small Town Story                                                   Dave Hunter                                    American Theatre Group - Dir. Eddie Prunoske

Robin! A Musical Adventure                           Friar Tuck                           NeverTold Productions - Dir. Christopher Leidenfrost 

Sweeney Todd                                                         Beadle Bamford                                                   Skyline Theatre - Dir. Sam Scalamoni 

The Addams Family                                              Uncle Fester                                  Cortland Repertory Theatre- Dir. Bert Bernardi 

Man of La Mancha                                                Sancho                                                                          Montclair Operetta - Dir. Bob Cline

The Blood Banquet                                               Count Vladtastic                           Busch Gardens - Dirs. Matt West/ Baayork Lee 

The 39 Steps                                                             Clown                                                                         Skyline Theatre - Dir. Sam Scalamoni 

The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told       Captain Henry Martin                          Snapple Theater Center - Dir. Rick Wilson 

Tales of Robin Hood                                             Friar Tuck                                                  NY Renaissance Faire  - Dir. Sherry Nehmer

Fiddler On The Roof                                            Mordcha (Tevye u/s)                                 Mill Mountain Theatre - Dir. Craig North 


BA Cum Laude Drama William Paterson College 

MFA Candidate Puppetry UCONN

Improvisation & Sketch Comedy Writing Upright Citizens Brigade

Acting: Clyde Baldo, Niyi Coker, Bob MacDonald 

Scene Study: Sarah Baskin, Kaye Tuckerman 

Sit Com Performance: Margaret Reed 

On Camera: Canedy Knowles, Jen Rudolph 

Improvisation: UCB - Eric Gersen, Nicole Drespel 

Sketch: UCB - Geoff Garlock, Brandon Bassham 

Character: UCB - John Bander 

Voiceover: Angela Montalbano 

Voice: Ken Magos, Lynda Sharmin, Claudia Pinza 

Speech & Dialects: David Alan Stern 

Stage Combat: J. David Brimmer, Michael Chin, Rikki Ravits 

Puppetry: Bart Roccoberton 


Stand-Up, Improvisation, Sketch Writing, Acoustic Guitar (plays with the Irish Folk/Sea Chantey group: The Crimson Pirates), Puppetry, SAFD Certified Actor/Combatant, Accents: (British RP, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, German, Spanish, Down East, Yiddish, Farsi), Horseback Riding, Driver’s License, Professional Santa Claus, Local Hire: NY, LA, Atlanta 

LionelRulandResume2018 (pdf)